EN – Create a WordPress marketplace with Dokan and Woocommerce

Know in the foreword that WordPress is perfectly suited to the creation of a multi-seller marketplace and that there are a dozen plugins that allow you to easily design a powerful and inexpensive marketplace.

Here we will highlight the most complete, best followed and most profitable marketplace plugin: Dokan multivendor. The latter is developed by a dedicated team: Wedevs.

Wedevs is behind some of the most used and successful WordPress plugins in the WP catalog. For Dokan, Wedevs is constantly improving, both in terms of functionality and maintenance. In short, it is a real safe bet, which we recommend with your eyes closed.

At Crea-App, we have been using Dokan for several years on internal projects, but also for external customers. This marketplace plugin is a monster of performance while remaining perfectly fun to administer.

The Dokan plugin is the best equipped, the most reliable and the most efficient to launch you into the fascinating world of marketplaces. This free (or paid plugin with additional features) will give your WordPress installation an overlay optimized for multi-store selling.

Very easily configurable, Dokan can be installed in a few clicks without the need for web development knowledge. Everything is intuitive and quickly configurable so you can start selling in minutes.

dokan wordpress

If you are looking to open a marketplace , it means that you have had an ingenious idea to make money on the Internet. Well, to be profitable, you need a multi-vendor plugin with enough features to work properly and satisfy everyone (customers and sellers alike).

Sellers need to be able to easily add their products, manage their orders, and see if their sales are performing well. For your part, you need management tools to track sales, orders and commissions…

Your success on a marketplace stems from the result of teamwork, from you and the sellers (and therefore your customers). WordPress plugins that are made specifically for this type of project are less than a dozen on the market. They are a great asset so that you do not have to develop or technically develop a marketplace from A to Z.

In short, you need a marketplace plugin designed for shop owners and sellers, the best choice is undoubtedly Dokan from Wedevs. The Wedevs teams are constantly improving their tool. Thus, Dokan is constantly evolving, offering new features or functions more regularly, in short, the plugin is monitored and updated.

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Lancez facilement et en quelques clics une marketplace avec le meilleur plugin WordPress : Dokan !

Why is Dokan the best marketplace plugin?

Easy and reliable WooCommerce and WordPress integration

Dokan integrates seamlessly with WordPress and WooCommerce. Woocommerce is one of the largest open source ecommerce platforms in the world. Woocommerce works with WordPress, itself the most used content manager in the world.

Dokan adds an overlay to Woocommerce, but does not replace it, the two are complementary. This means you get the robust features that Dokan brings to your marketplace and the integration of hundreds of WooCommerce extensions. Different themes are specially designed for Dokan. Thus, you will be able to customize your online store according to your sector of activity.

The hundreds of Woocommerce extensions will allow you, for example, to add WooCommerce in multilingual version to make sales internationally.

Features of the Dokan plugin

To maintain the profitability of your marketplace, your sellers must have access to the same tools and data as you (the administrator). Without good sales data, they can’t make good decisions about their store space.

A good marketplace management interface should allow sellers to:

  • Easily add, edit, and delete products
  • Determine which product generates the most sales
  • Customize the look of their individual store
  • Check the status of an order

Of course, it is out of the question that you open full access to the back office of your site to all sellers.

That’s why Dokan adds a sufficiently complete overlay that allows sellers to manage their own front-end space. They will thus be able, and individually, to make their online store live without ever accessing the complete management of the site. You remain the administrator of your marketplace!

What can a seller do with Dokan?

Front-end dashboard

EN - Create a WordPress marketplace with Dokan and Woocommerce 1
Dokan dashboard for the seller. This dashboard is accessible directly on the front-end on the marketplace via a login and password. It allows the seller to manage his entire space without ever having access to the WordPress dashbord. Only the marketplace administrator (you) is allowed on the wp-admin.

Every store needs an overview of performance. The Dokan dashboard gives each seller an overview of their store’s performance. They can see:

  • Total number of page views
  • Number of orders placed
  • What products do you have in stock?
  • Total sales to date

Sellers can also manage reviews received, mark reviews as spam, and answer customer questions. Dokan Dashboard is a clean and functional tool that sellers can use to increase their sales and profits.

This video shows the possibilities for sellers to add their products and manage their orders autonomously.

Manage your products

EN - Create a WordPress marketplace with Dokan and Woocommerce 2
Store products are added and managed directly from the dashboard by the seller. Simple to handle, your sellers will be autonomous.

The easiest task for a seller is to add products to their point of sale. The important thing is to make it as uncomplicated as possible for your sellers.

Dokan’s product add interface reflects the actual product page. Sellers can upload images and add product names and descriptions on the same page. Sellers can also set prices for their products and set a category. Fields and categories can be configured by you as an administrator. The seller will not be able to add categories or taxonomies on the fly, which is reassuring.

Order management

EN - Create a WordPress marketplace with Dokan and Woocommerce 3
The seller will manage these orders easily from the dashboard of his shop

In order for sellers to know the status of their orders so that they can be sent on time and not have bad reviews (which would also be detrimental to the reputation of your martketplace), Dokan allows sellers to access all their orders. They can see the order number, total amount, customer name and shipping date.

Dokan is one of the few existing multi-vendor plugins that offer upstream shipment tracking.

Sales Reports

EN - Create a WordPress marketplace with Dokan and Woocommerce 4

The Dokan report panel contains powerful analytics tools to help sellers increase their sales. For example, sellers can use their « Reports » view to see which of their products are the most popular.

Other multi-vendor plugins, such as WC Marketplace, Yith or WC Vendors, provide basic reports on marketplace results. But only Dokan offers each seller a customizable view of the success of their online store.

Your salespeople have a better understanding of the customers and the products they want to buy. By providing them with relevant sales and performance data, you enable them to make better decisions about how to improve the customer experience. This means more time and more profits for you.

Store customization

EN - Create a WordPress marketplace with Dokan and Woocommerce 5
The layout of the seller’s store can be changed depending on the WordPress theme you selected

Access to products and orders is not all that makes sellers happy and profitable. They also need to be able to personalize their windows and highlight the brands they offer for sale.

Dokan makes it easy for sellers to:

  • Create and update your contact information
  • Give your store a name
  • Add social profile links
  • Choose the payment method (defined by the owner of the point of sale, so you)

With Dokan, sellers’ store spaces are clean, easy to navigate, and suitable for mobile devices, tablets, and desktops.

Other features of Dokan

Dokan was designed with marketplace owners in mind. Good analytics combined with automation makes it easy to manage sellers and track sales. Here are the best features of Dokan’s admin tools.

  • The marketplace administrator can set individual seller commissions as a percentage or offer a monthly, annual, daily subscription or even charge a signup fee to sellers
  • The commission is tailor-made, it is you who decide on its amount, or even not to apply it

You receive a commission for every sale made on your website. The percentage you get from your sellers will have a big impact on the prices of your products and your profits. The higher your commission, the fewer sellers you will attract. The lower your commission, the lower your profits. It’s a delicate balance to find.

Dokan gives you the ability to set commissions for individual sellers so you can customize your rates based on the value of a particular seller (roles). For example, you can set a higher commission for sellers who sell high-margin products (p. e.g. household furniture) than for those who sell items with low prices (p. e.g. craft beers).

Payment gateways

The success of multi-seller marketplaces offers customers multiple payment options. If you plan to sell internationally, you’ll need secure payment gateways to support foreign currencies and locally popular payment methods. Dokan offers

  • Paypal
  • Stripe Connect
  • Moip Connect

But your integration with WooCommerce also adds to your popular payment options, such as:

  • Amazon Pay
  • Quare
  • Authorize.net
  • … more than 100 gateways are Woocommerce compatible

Payment gateways are also how you make payments to your sellers. After a customer has made a purchase, Dokan charges the payment and the seller makes a withdrawal request.

You can use the same payment gateways to bill customers and make payments to sellers. Having a good selection of payment platforms makes it easy to meet the transaction needs of each seller. And that makes your marketplace a highly functional and more attractive online location for sellers.


Dokan processes refunds by PayPal, a popular payment method that makes it easy to process transactions.

Here are the steps to follow to make a refund to Dokan:

  • The customer requests a refund from the seller.
  • The seller makes a refund request from the seller panel to the administrator.
  • The administrator cancels the order.
  • The refund is processed by PayPal (or Stripe) for the customer.
  • The refund amount is deducted from the seller’s account.

Only administrators can process refunds, which must be made manually. Therefore, most of the responsibility is yours. But Dokan’s admin panel organizes and displays all the pending refunds for you, and you can process them individually or in bulk.

Seller Reviews

Dokan WordPress Marketplace Reviews

Allowing customers to rate individual sellers and products increases the trust and legitimacy of your site. But shop owners give customers the ability to analyze the seller and products separately. With this essential independence, you have better control over the quality of your seller’s customer service. A seller may have great products, but horrible service. With an examination system that brings the two together, you remain serene.

With Dokan’s seller review feature, customers leave comments from individual sellers that appear in their window. Reviews improve the customer experience and speed up your purchase decision.

Dokan plugin price

Dokan offers five different price formulas, from the free tier to the enterprise tier. Marketplace owners need different characteristics at different stages of store growth.

New Dokan users want to experience the plugin, which is why there is a free version on the WordPress store. Attention. Some plugins offer low prices only so you can register and then mine your budget with fees for additional features.

The Dokan pricing model starts with long-term planning. It is designed to grow with you as your marketplace grows. Even new store owners on a budget can access the Dokan plan for free while enjoying the service.

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Lancez facilement et en quelques clics une marketplace avec le meilleur plugin WordPress : Dokan !

Free Dokan Vs Pro

Dokan exists in free version (Lite), but I can only advise you to switch to the Pro version. Unlike the free version which is very limited in functionality, the Pro version brings you everything you need to create a powerful and reliable marketplace.

Do you want to move forward and get your marketplace out quickly, without spending hours testing one solution and then another? So, I advise you to acquire the Pro version and follow my advice, you will then have a functional marketplace quickly.

The free version of Dokan includes:

  • Unlimited Sellers
  • The front seller control panel
  • Seller’s payment withdrawal system

Dokan version Pro

The following offers are designed for website owners who want to put all the chances on their side by providing an optimal experience for both sellers and customers.

Dokan really shows its full potential in terms of marketplace management from the « Professional » version. Indeed, this offer presents functions that quickly prove essential such as:

  • Subscriptions management which allows you to charge a fixed amount monthly to your sellers so that they have the right to sell on your marketplace.
  • the choice of the type of commissions : will you retain a percentage or a fixed amount on each sale? Or why not both?
  • Stripe Connect integration: Stripe Connect will take care of multi-seller carts automatically by distributing funds to each seller and deducting commissions fairly. This module is absolutely essential for a marketplace.
  • 10 free Dokan plugins : this allows you to extend the functions of your marketplace without having to get your hands on the wallet! Indeed, Dokan offers you 9 premium plugins for free.

Dokan has more features than any multi-vendor e-commerce plugin. However, perhaps its biggest feature is that it integrates with one of the world’s most popular ecommerce platforms (WooCommerce) and the world’s number one content management system (WordPress).

Marketplaces are evolving. Quality products, reputable salespeople and effective marketing are important, but so are sales volumes. Having a plugin that works well with popular ecommerce platforms makes it easy to get started and stays profitable.

Create your WordPress marketplace step by step

Prerequisites for creating your marketplace

  • Buy a domain name and web hosting
  • Install and configure WordPress
  • Install and activate WooCommerce
  • Configure the Dokan plugin
  • Buy a suitable WordPress theme

It only takes 30 minutes to create the basis for your future online business. And we will detail the necessary steps without breaking the bank.

1. Domain and hosting

First, you need to buy your own domain name and hosting for your marketplace. A domain name is the web address that people can use to find you. For example, our domain name is crea-app.fr . On the other hand, hosting is the virtual space where your website is stored.

It is important to choose a hosting provider based on its performance, ease of administration and of course, price. There are a number of reliable WordPress hosts on the market. This can cost you between $50 and $200 per year, depending on the storage space and bandwidth you prefer.

To guide you in your choice, know that the best host for WordPress and WooCommerce is French (cocorico)! This is O2Switch, which is based in Clermont-Ferrand. We use O2Switch on all of our sites and marketplaces.

The advantages of O2Switch to host your marketplace:

  • Ease of installation and management
  • Domain name offered
  • Only 5 euros per month
  • Ultra-responsive assistant
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
EN - Create a WordPress marketplace with Dokan and Woocommerce 6

Offre Unique O2Switch 4,9/5

Meilleur hébergement WordPress

2. Install WordPress and WooCommerce

Next, you need to choose the best platform for your marketplace, here we are talking about WordPress, the most popular CMS platform in the world.

You can automatically install WordPress from your cPanel O2Switch space, simple and fast. Next, install and activate the free WooCommerce plugin in WordPress to set up your store.

Comment installer WordPress sur O2Switch ?

u003cpu003eLu0026rsquo;installation de WordPress sur votre hu0026eacute;bergement O2Switch est tru0026egrave;s rapide et facile u0026agrave; ru0026eacute;aliser.u003c/pu003enu003cpu003eVoici les u0026eacute;tapes pour installer WordPress en moins de 2 minutes :u003c/pu003enu003culu003enu003cliu003eConnectez-vous au cPanel O2Switchu003c/liu003enu003cliu003eCliquez sur u0022WordPressu0022 dans la section u0022Softaculousu0022u003c/liu003enu003cliu003eCliquez sur le bouton u0022Installationu0022 dans le menu hautu003c/liu003enu003cliu003eIndiquez ensuite vos pru0026eacute;fu0026eacute;rences d’installationu003cbr /u003enu003culu003enu003cliu003eVersion WordPress : laissez la derniu0026egrave;re version par du0026eacute;fautu003c/liu003enu003cliu003eProtocole : choisissez HTTPS Nu0026rsquo;oubliez pas d’installer gratuitement un certificat Let’s Encrypt dans le cPanel O2Switchu003c/liu003enu003cliu003eDomaine : indiquez votre nom de domaineu003c/liu003enu003cliu003eDossier : laissez vide pour installer WordPress sur votre nom de domaineu003c/liu003enu003cliu003eNom du site : indiquez le nom de votre site webu003c/liu003enu003cliu003eDescription : indiquez une description de 150 caractu0026egrave;resu003c/liu003enu003cliu003eNom d’utilisateur : l’identifiant vous servira u0026agrave; vous connecter u0026agrave; l’administrateur de WordPressu003c/liu003enu003cliu003eMot de passe : choisissez de pru0026eacute;fu0026eacute;rence un mot de passe complexeu003c/liu003enu003cliu003eLangue : u0022franu0026ccedil;aisu0022 par du0026eacute;fautu003c/liu003enu003c/ulu003enu003c/liu003enu003cliu003eApru0026egrave;s avoir rempli les paramu0026egrave;tres, cliquez sur u0022Installationu0022u003cbr /u003e En quelques secondes, votre WordPress est installu0026eacute; Cliquez sur le lien pour accu0026eacute;der u0026agrave; lu0026rsquo;administrationu003c/liu003enu003c/ulu003enu003cpu003eu003cimg src=u0022https://crea-app.fr/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/installer-wordpress-o2switch.pngu0022 alt=u0022Installer WordPress O2Switchu0022 /u003eu003c/pu003e

Install WooCommerce

Installing WooCommerce is quick and easy to do.

  1. Connect to your WordPress back office
  2. Go to the « Extensions » tab in the left menu
  3. Click on « Add »
  4. Enter « WooCommerce » in the search bar on the right
  5. Click on « Install Now »
  6. At the end of the loading, click on « Activated »

Set up WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that is easy to set up and set up. Indeed, most of the settings are already made natively. All you have to do is adjust a few steps:

Comment configurer WooCommerce pour Dokan ?

u003ch5u003eAller dans « WooCommerce » u003e « Réglages »u003c/h4u003eu003cpu003eL’ensemble des préconisations décrites ci-dessous correspondent à une utilisation standard de WooCommerce. Vous pourrez ajuster ces paramètres selon la typologie de votre business.u003c/pu003eu003ch5u003eOnglet Général u003c/h5u003eu003culu003eu003cliu003eAjouter les coordonnées de votre boutique (ceci est une mention légale. Même si vous n’avez pas de boutique physique, prenez soin de remplir ces champs avec l’adresse de votre siège social)u003c/liu003e u003cliu003eOù vendreu003cbru003eCe champ indique à WooCommerce qui peut acheter sur votre site. Si vous souhaitez vendre qu’en France, sélectionner « France ». Si vous souhaitez vendre seulement dans certains pays, sélectionnez « Vendre dans certains pays » puis entrez les premières lettres des pays.u003c/liu003e u003cliu003eOù livreru003cbru003eLaissez ce champ sur l’option « Livrer dans tous les pays où vous vendez »u003c/liu003e u003cliu003eCochez la case « Activer la taxe »u003cbru003eCette option vous permet de configurer des taxes comme la TVAu003c/liu003e u003cliu003eSi vous souhaitez activer des codes promos sur votre site, veuillez sélectionner cette coche.u003c/liu003e u003cliu003eVeuillez passer le champ « Devise » sur « Euro (€) »u003c/liu003e u003cliu003ePosition de la devise sur « Droite »u003c/liu003e u003cliu003eSéparateur de milliers : supprimer le point « . »u003c/liu003e u003cliu003eSéparateur de décimal : entrez une virgule « , »u003c/liu003e u003cliu003eNombre de décimales : « 2 »u003c/liu003eu003c/ulu003eu003ch5u003eOnglet « Produits »u003c/h5u003eu003culu003eu003cliu003eConservez l’ensemble des paramètres par défaut.u003c/liu003eu003c/ulu003eu003ch5u003eOnglet « TVA »u003c/h5u003eu003culu003eu003cliu003eIl n’est pas nécessaire de paramétrer cette section. L’extension Dokan gère son propre système de taxes.u003c/liu003eu003c/ulu003eu003ch5u003eOnglet « Expédition »u003c/h5u003eu003culu003eu003cliu003eIl n’est pas nécessaire de paramétrer cette section. L’extension Dokan gère son propre système d’expédition.u003c/liu003eu003c/ulu003eu003ch5u003eOnglet « Paiement »u003c/h5u003eu003culu003eu003cliu003eIl n’est pas nécessaire de paramétrer cette section. L’extension Dokan gère son propre système de paiement.u003c/liu003eu003c/ulu003eu003cpu003eLe reste des paramètres ne sont pas à modifier dans un premier tempsu003c/pu003e

3. Installing Dokan in WordPress

Third, you need a marketplace solution to turn your WooCommerce store into a successful and lucrative multi-seller marketplace. Dokan will be your trusted partner in this adventure. It allows you to easily set up your marketplace. And you have all the freedom to run your store according to your own ideas. The further you go, the more it will amaze you with its outstanding features and cutting-edge technology.

EN - Create a WordPress marketplace with Dokan and Woocommerce 7

Dokan is active on more than 50,000 marketplaces around the world.In addition, it allows you to save more than 60% of the start-up cost!

Installing Dokan is quick and easy. In a few minutes, Dokan adds marketplace functions to your WordPress. The installation is intuitive, fun and requires no knowledge of code, everything is clear and accessible.

  1. Log in to the WordPress back office
  2. Click on « Extensions » then « New »
  3. Search for « Dokan » in the search bar
  4. Then click on « Install Now » and then on « Activate »
  5. Go back to « Add Extension »
  6. Click at the top on « Upload an extension »
  7. Upload the dokan file.zip that you have previously downloaded according to your offer: see Dokan offers
  8. Click on « Install now » and then on « Activate »
  9. Everything is correct, Dokan Pro is now installed on your site.

Video of installing Dokan step by step

4. Choose a WordPress theme that is compatible with Dokan

Your marketplace is ready to go. It is now necessary to make the site attractive to attract more sellers and customers. You will be able to make better revenue by generating more sales. It is therefore essential to have a WordPress template (theme) perfectly adapted to Dokan. Many developers have made themes specifically optimized for Dokan.

Please note that these themes are paid themes. You can also choose a free theme to design your marketplace in WordPress. However, the functions will be limited and you will find yourself facing limits in time.


Pourquoi créer une marketplace ?

u003cpu003eLes ru0026eacute;ponses u0026agrave; cette question peuvent u0026ecirc;tre multiples, mais la principale reste indu0026eacute;niablement lu0026rsquo;espoir de gu0026eacute;nu0026eacute;rer des profits via internet. Cette raison est viable et lu0026eacute;gitime. En effet, cru0026eacute;er une marketplace ru0026eacute;sulte du0026rsquo;une idu0026eacute;e souvent novatrice ou peu exploitu0026eacute;e. De plus, lu0026rsquo;investissement en temps demande u0026agrave; u0026ecirc;tre rentabilisu0026eacute;. Ainsi, attendre un ROI (retour sur investissement) fort est parfaitement normal.u003c/pu003e

Quelles sont les meilleures idées de marketplace ?

u003cpu003eLes idées de marketplace ne manquent pas, il suffit simplement de regarder autour de sois et de s’interroger : cet article qui m’est utile pourrait-il intéresser d’autres personnes ? Est-il déjà présent sur de nombreux sites ? Est-ce une niche porteuse ?u003c/pu003eLes meilleures marketplaces, en dehors des mastodontes (Cdiscount, Amazon, Darty…), exploitent des micros niches ou des niches peu représentées en ligne. Un produit de niche est un produit qui va intéresser une clientèle très ciblée. u003cpu003eL’avantage à créer une marketplace de niche est que les prospects vont plus facilement se transformer en acheteurs. Les raisons sont simples :u003c/pu003eu003culu003eu003cliu003eIls ont recherché exactement le produit que vous proposez.u003c/liu003enu003cliu003ePeu de sites web proposent ce produit.u003c/liu003eu003c/ulu003e

Créer une marketplace avec WordPress, est-ce une bonne idée ?

u003cpu003eLa réponse est clairement, oui ! u003c/pu003eWordPress présente de nombreux avantages dans bien des secteurs face à ses concurrents : facilité d’utilisation, flexibilité, communauté, catalogue de plugins et de thèmes… et surtout : gestion de contenu. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eLe fondement de WordPress qu’est la Gestion de contenu est l’aspect le plus important pour moi. En effet, WordPress va vous permettre de générer aisément de nombreux contenus textes, vidéos, photos, infographie… afin d’améliorer le référencement de votre marketplace. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eLes autres plateformes web comme Prestashop, Shopify ou Magento ne permettent pas de réaliser de manière aussi puissante un bon SEO. Le maillage interne (netlinking), le glissement sémantique, la hiérarchie des contenus… sont des points importants pour une optimisation digne de ce nom, et WordPress vous permet de gérer ceci facilement.

Dokan est-il le meilleur plugin de marketplace ?

u003cpu003eDe loin ! Dokan est le meilleur plugin WordPress pour la création de votre marketplace. Face aux autres plugins, Dokan n’a pas une longueur d’avance, mais des kilomètres. Son secret réside dans ses fonctions et mises à jour. u003c/pu003eEn effet, Dokan est développé et soutenu par l’équipe de Wedevs au quotidien. Dokan est leur bébé, donc ils s’ent occupent, le font évoluer, le rende meilleur, plus ludique, plus aboutit chaque jour. u003cbru003eu003cpu003eLes fonctions de Dokan sont les plus complètes, je vous laisserais lire l’article ci-dessus pour en savoir plus. Mais en deux mots : choisir Dokan est le meilleur choix pour un marketplace WordPress.u003c/pu003e

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